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Building a Morning Ritual

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

A couple of years ago I moved away from my full time job in hopes of finding work where stress wouldn't wreck havoc on my health. I didn't have much of a plan. And while it was freeing to leave the never ending to-do list behind, without a plan I was floating through my days aimlessly. I decided I needed to create some rituals.

I've found that keeping a commitment to myself is my way of keep my head out of the depression zone. Rituals can be little things, like flossing, and when I do it I'm like, "Yes! I'm on track!" It takes a little while to turn it into a ritual. It's always so much easier to do nothing. But whenever I feel like not doing a ritual thing, I remind myself how long it takes. And then talk myself into it. "Nik, flossing takes a minute. One minute. Are we really too busy? No. Go floss." I'm like my own parent! And sometimes I still feel like a toddler throwing a tantrum: "Uuuuugh, but I just don't want to today!" but I know that if I don't do the ritual, it will never become a ritual, it'll just be something I wish I did more often.

As a Yoga Instructor, one thing I'd hoped to do more often was my own practice. I'd hear of other yogis who practice everyday and I'd think, "I should do that!" But then years went by and I kept thinking, "I should really do that!" and realized, I'm the only thing stopping this from happening. So, that's where I began. Every morning now for about a year and a half I've rolled out of bed and started the day with stretching. The morning routine evolves over time, depending on what I feel I need, but it always happens.

I highly recommend starting your day off with some stretching and meaningful breathing too! It signals your body and brain that you're ready for the day. Check out my video (no make up or hair help I might add), you can do the stretches along with me as you roll out of bed, or take from it what you need and make your own. You just need you and a floor. Come on, be good to yourself!

Video here:

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