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Happier life with 365give and One-Minute Rule

The other day I heard of two great challenges. 365give and the One-Minute rule. I decided right then that I wanted to take them on.

365give challenge is about consciously doing something kind every day of the year. I worried at first about running out of ideas, but ideas can be found on their website: And some days can be bigger gives than others.

My first day I wrote some happy messages on the sidewalk with my chalk. Lots of high school kids walk those sidewalks. I hoped that a happy message might be something that pops into their mind throughout the day. You never know when someone needs to hear certain words.

The second day my honey was going to do "the car juggle" since my car was behind his and he needed to leave for work. He leaves early and I'm typically still in bed mostly asleep when he kisses me goodbye. But I awoke with the sound of the shower running and remembered the give challenge. He was very surprised to see me dressed and ready to help him move those cars around, hopefully making his day a little easier and happier.

The third day I'd been focused on other things and barely left the house. When I finally left the house for some fresh air I realized that I hadn't done anything for the challenge yet! So, small as it may be, I decided to speak to everyone I saw on my walk. Intending to pay them a compliment or at very least wish them a great day. It was really nice to meet some neighbours! And it felt wonderful to look people in the eye and make a connection.

So, who's with me? It doesn't have to be tricky. Just consciously doing nice things. Little gives of yourself to make the world a happier place.

Then the One-Minute rule made an appearance on my radar from the John Tesh radio show. Apparently someone decided that anything that can be done in one minute or under should be done right away, not put off. I can't remember how long she did it for; I think a year. And she wrote a book about it and found she was way happier! So, of course, I figured this was worth while checking out.

Now I get a message, I text, email, etc. back right away. I get a bill(if I can) I pay it right away. Passing by the litter box knowing it needs to be scooped, I get in there. I'm making the bed as I get up, as long as the cat's not hiding in there. I'd like to say that I put clothes into the correct location when I remove them, or that I wash my dishes right away... I'll call that in progress.

But those little things pile up if you put them off. They creating real work later; not to mention the stress of knowing you have outstanding items. Why not give it a whirl with me? I think the first step might be noticing yourself saying, "I'll do it later" and then stopping, asking yourself if it'll take more than a minute, and doing it right away if it's a short activity!

365give and One-Minute Rule, making yourself and probably people around you happier people!

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