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Hello Beautiful Being!
Thank you for stopping by! Why don't I introduce myself and pour us some tea?

My name is Nikki; I'm a 200hr certified Yoga Instructor and Meditation Leader. Waaaay back in high school I had trouble getting my assignments in on time and relied heavily on doing an excellent presentation to help my end of term mark. I always went above and beyond, adding music, costumes, jokes, and having the whole thing memorized so I could really entertain without looking at my notes. I had no idea at the time that I would build a career that involved speaking in front of people.


I worked at a naturist park throughout my twenties. I still lead weekly Yoga classes there all year round. The experience of being submersed in a niche culture that supports being social au naturel has given me a unique perspective around body image. I began blogging about my insights.

I was asked to speak at a church about Body Acceptance, and afterwards heard many say, “Please keep doing the work you’re doing. It’s so important.” This led to me hosting my monthly free talks, and adding workshops to delve deeper.

I’m working towards radical self-acceptance as a woman in my late thirties. Some days I’ll feel like a fraud, trying to guide followers to love themselves. Other days I’ll wish I could drag every beautiful being with me to the top of a mountain yelling about how wonderful we all are! It is my hope that anyone who follows me will consciously learn about themselves. Even if you completely disagree with me from time to time, it will guide you to your deepest self.

I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance!

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