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Corporate Wellness For Your Team

Weekly Mindfulness Meditation

This Meditation workshop, conducted through Zoom, is the perfect way to let your employees know that you care. With my gentle voice guiding participants through different mindfulness exercises, there's enough going on to keep the mind from wandering, yet relaxing enough to let the stress of the day melt. It's 30 minutes in length. The first 25 minutes are concentrated relaxation time, and the last 5 minutes touch base on the techniques used throughout as a takeaway for everyday living. $30/session for weekly mindfulness commitment


For Events 

I hear that you're looking for a meditation to either a) start your event off or, b) wind your event down. Good for you! I recommend either 15-30 minute session as a start to the day session. I'll strike the magical mix of relaxing and energizing. For winding the event down I'd recommend leaning towards a 45 minute meditation session. This incorporates some simple/accessible Tai Chi and Yoga to settle the body, breath work, deep relaxation and a mind journey.

$15/participant, 15 minute $20/participant, 30 minute $25/participant, 45 minute 

We can discuss a flat rate for events of 50 participants+



Yoga Classes

You can book a Yoga class specifically for your group. Choose a day and time that works well to reach as many team members as possible in a suitable space. I will arrive to the location 10 minutes before class begins, ensuring all is ready to go. I provide music, and yoga blocks and straps. $105 for hour long class



Yoga Classes

You can offer to cover the cost of one class per week from the existing class schedule for interested team members. This allows for more variety of time options and styles. In this case, I write up the details of what you are offering to your team, include the class schedule and my contact information.  They receive an email from me each week with all of the class links, a new recipe idea, and a motivational thought. I invoice $12 per student

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy Nikki’s yoga classes. As a result of the pandemic, we all have had to find new ways to keep fit, motivated, connected, and uplifted. Nikki’s classes tick all the boxes. Her sunny disposition, melodic voice, gentle yet challenging flow, great music, all meld to provide classes that I look forward to each week.


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