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The Weather

February in Costa Rica is near the beginning of the dry season and you can expect largely rain free days.  The southwest pacific coast does get some rain during the dry season and that helps the jungle to continue looking green and lush.  Rain typically takes place at night but afternoon storms can be a great way to slow down the day.  Temperature is typically around 28 degrees during the day and is consistently shorts/skirt weather even at night.

Travel and COVID-19

We will attempt to update this as much as possible but travel with Covid will continue to evolve as Costa Rica, federal and provincial governments change policies.  For the benefit of all participants, we will be requiring everyone to be fully vaccinated to participate in the yoga retreat.


COVID-19 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is currently in the midst of a COVID wave(Sept 2021), though not as high as it’s peak in May.  60% of the total population has received one vaccine dose and 24% are fully vaccinated.  By January 2022 if they are able to keep their vaccine pace, they should have at least 60% fully vaccinated.  The larger centers have higher numbers of new cases.  As of Sept 4th the Osa canton which includes Dominical had 18 new cases.  For all our experiences we plan on being outdoors (including dining) and will modify our plans as the situation evolves.

Entry Requirements for Costa Rica

As of August 1st all visitors must complete a Health Pass to enter the country but those who have received both doses of vaccine are not required to have a travel plan or additional health insurance.  We would still recommend having some form of health coverage but it is not mandatory to take additional coverage for Covid19.

Re-entry requirements for Canada

As of September 4th fully vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine upon arrival, nor are they required to have a Day 8 test but they do need to submit a negative PCR Antigen test before being cleared to travel home.  A PCR test in Costa Rica can vary in price but a test in the Dominical area currently costs $147 (we will continue to look for cheaper options).  A fully vaccinated traveler may be chosen at random to have a rapid test done at the airport and a positive result would result in quarantining and going for a PCR test.


Travel to Costa Rica

Travel for our guests will be dependent on their starting location.  However, typical flight options from Toronto YYZ include Air Canada (direct), United and American (US connection through Houston, Dulles, Chicago or Charlotte) and Avianca (El Salvador Connection).  We (the hosts) are scheduled to take an Air Canada flight Friday, February 4th afternoon and have chosen to do so because it is direct, leaves at a convenient time on both legs and avoids a connection in another country.  However, it is currently the most expensive option out of YYZ.  No matter which airline is chosen, we currently request that you arrive Friday Evening before the Saturday start of the retreat as travel from San Jose to Dominical is around 3 hours and most Saturday flights arrive after noon.  Should you wish to travel on Saturday, it isn’t a problem but we will ask you arrange your own transportation.  Return home we also recommend travel on Sunday but Saturday could be possible if you have an afternoon flight.  However, please check in with us before booking so we can advise if the timing is appropriate for travel with the group or if you would be required to arrange separate transport.

In the past we have flown with all the above options except for Air Canada as that is a new route.  United and American have a similar quantity of connections but flights have been redirected through other airports or delayed us in the past.  Be mindful of short connections through United and American as weather delays in February can mean a missed flight.  Try to avoid connections through Newark or Miami as their terminal connections are not pleasant.  Avianca has been a pleasant experience for us in the past.  They operate similar to an airline of old with complementary food and occasionally alcoholic beverages for economy class passengers.  However, their hub in El Salvador and limited routes outside of Latin America can be a concern (it is not recommended to be stuck in El Salvador due to political unrest / violence) and our flights with them were delayed.

More Information

We're holding Zoom Meetings once a month for anyone interested and who might have questions.

We're holding our first Meeting Sunday, October 17th at 1:30pm

Please send a message in Contact to let us know you'd like to be included, we'd love to have you!

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