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Class Schedule

Winter Schedule for Online Classes through Zoom

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5:45pm Gentle Flow


5:30pm Yin & Restorative (75 min.)


7:30am Rise and Shine (45 min.)

12:00pm Lunch Express (45 min.)


7:00pm Flow & Restorative (75 min.)


10:30am Gentle Yoga and Meditation

Class Descriptions

Gentle Flow  Our movements will flow, but at a gentle pace. Slow enough to feel a smile grow and to listen to what the heart is whispering. Enough movement, stretch and strength to feel that glow you get from treating yourself well.

Rise and Shine  This 45 minute class starts out with soothing waking up movements and gradually grows into sun salutations and a couple of power poses to ensure that we feel like warriors for the rest of our day!

Lunch Express For the yogi who wants to stretch in all different directions, get the heart rate up, and still have time for some deep relaxation. Our warm up will be shorter than typical, jumping right in, but with pauses to be in the moment. You have time for yourself friend.


Unwind for Bed  If you need to get in some movement, but you don't want to be too fired up for bed afterwards, this is a great class for you. Slow gentle movements, mostly close to the ground. The last half of the class delivers longer gentle holds and time to listen to music. Bring a pillow. You can move from your Savasana to bed seamlessly. You might as well wear your pj's.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation  Most of the poses we perform are close to the ground, with just a few standing. Emphasis on breath and present moment awareness. 15 meditation at the end allows time to heal and listen to where the mind goes and what's truly in our heart.


Class Pricing

Unlimited Monthly Package
as many as you can fit in

Basic Monthly Package
one class per week

10 Class Pass
without an expiry date

Drop In Class

An invoice is sent at the beginning of each month for your chosen package. If you need to pause for any reason, please inform me before invoices go out.

Once payment is received, class links will be released to your email on a weekly basis.

Drop In fee is paid on the day the desired class takes place.

Payment accepted through e-transfer to

Please complete the registration form below.

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