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Yoga with Nikki

Nikki Lanchbery is a certified Yoga Instructor who brings creativity, fun, reflection, and calm to all of her classes.


"My intention is to help my fellow yogis forget the outside disturbances for a little while and delve deeply into themselves. We create a peaceful mind-to-body connection and practice present moment awareness throughout.

I also work in some laughs, we all need some of those!"


Invite Your Calm

in Kensington Market


Love for Nikki

To me, yoga is not only about the positions, the stretching, the flow, it is about the instructor’s attitude and voice signaling relaxation. Nikki’s calming voice immediately relaxes me into my yoga practice increasing the benefits I receive from my class.
She is an amazing and knowledgeable yoga instructor! - Lisa


I appreciate how Nikki's style of teaching yoga is inclusive; it's very apparent how much she really cares about every person in her class. She does a great job of ensuring each class is fun and rewarding. I have really enjoyed the virtual classes as they are very convenient to do in the comfort of my home, and the way Nikki facilitates the classes are seamless and doesn't sacrifice any quality that an in-person class would have. I would highly recommend Nikki's yoga classes to anyone! - Heather

What brought me to yoga: as you age you lose balance and mobility. Yoga, specifically yoga with Nikki, has allowed me to gain more balance, push myself in trying new poses in a safe and encouraging manner. My flexibility is not being limited.

The gentle flow class is excellent for unwinding and stretching all those parts that get tight throughout the day. It helps to clear my mind and I'm present for that full hour.

I love my yoga classes with Nikki and have been doing them for over 4 years now.

Not to mention her voice and the way she connects with the students. Always smiling in a comforting welcoming way. - Anne-Marie

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