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Why Wearing a Bikini is Nothing Like Being Nude Socially

In anticipation of attending my naturist yoga class, I was asked if it would be alright if a fellow’s girlfriend could wear a bikini. This was to help her feel more comfortable as it would be her first time.

I can see why some might think that it’s just a small step away from being nude. There’s only a little bit covering the body after all. Surely, it’s a whisper away from the naturist experience, isn’t it? I thought about it for a couple of days before I responded. I wanted to ensure that my response was as kind and accurate as possible. I’m sharing the response with you all so that you might understand as well, and if the couple in question read this, I’m not poking fun, you just asked a good question.

In my response I said that if she’s nervous she could wear a towel or wrap for when she arrives to the class, and then let it go once class begins. A bikini wouldn’t be right.

I’ve heard women assume that being nude socially must be like coming out of a changeroom to show off a swimsuit, only worse. To which I’ve answered that it’s not remotely close in experience. I hate how I feel and look in a bikini (and most swimsuits). I recall even in my younger, firmer days wearing a two-piece as I walked the beach in Cuba to the naturist section. I remember thinking about my posture as I walked, I sucked my tummy in, I felt as if I was on display, very uncomfortable. When I got to the naturist section, I ripped it off and felt a million times better. So, no, it’s not worse than wearing a swimsuit.

Bikini’s squeeze the body in a certain way that heightens awareness. One feels where the breasts, butt, and vulva are covered and where everything else is exposed. When there’s no suit, the body just is, no heightened awareness at all.

I’ve actually worn a bikini to a hot yoga class before, and I recall clearly how it went. So in this case of wearing a bikini to a yoga class, I said that it’ll slide around as she moves and she’ll be hyper conscious of areas possibly being exposed. And the mindset that includes the word “exposed” is what’s so unnaturist. We’re not doing a yoga class in which we’re all exposing ourselves. We’re gathered as a naturist community to do yoga. It might look the same, but it’s a completely different experience and one that I don’t want her to miss out on.

Wearing the bikini would make her stand out which draws unwanted attention to her, and it breaks the unspoken dress code. When everyone else is nude, it creates a feeling of separateness, dressed and undressed. I’ve seen women wear bikinis at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park briefly, before they’re approached and coached that it’s not appropriate. To anyone that’s never been there before, it may sound drastic, but the thing is, you can wear a bikini anywhere else. A naturist place is a chance to jump in and try something new. I’ve learned from my own experience and from watching countless others that the best way is to rip it off pronto. Like a bandaid, there will be the initial sting, in this case a feeling of, “oh my gosh, am I actually doing this?” then you’ll look around and realize nothing has changed, no one cares, the world keeps turning. You’re amongst people who are on the same page.

My class downtown Toronto is approaching. We’ll see if that couple comes or not. I hope they do.

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