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Body Acceptance, A Journey

I have a secret and a surprise!

I’ll start with the secret. When I look in the mirror my attention goes to my belly, and I feel like a Yoga Instructor fraud …momentarily. I’m surrounded by examples of slim women who are comfortable showing their midriff in their snug yoga clothes that fit them so perfectly. Everything so tight, no jiggles. Then I encourage myself to recall all the positive things. Like the fact that many people have said that they appreciate my normal body and that it makes them feel more comfortable themselves. The fact that I have students who’ve followed me for years, so I must be doing something right. That being a yogi is so much more than what your body can do or what it looks like. I also remember that I don’t actually want to try harder to shrink my belly because I already eat well and exercise plenty. I’m not one for fake shakes and gasping out-of-breath workouts, so the belly might just stay. I love life and all the wine and butter that comes with it. My belly is proof of that love.

I actually prefer the way I look naked versus in most clothes. I’ve considered buying a wardrobe of tailored clothing that’s specifically made for me so I can feel good in the textile world. I seem to be an in-between or half size all the time. Most clothing almost fits. I find my Yoga instruction is better when I’m nude because I’m not fussing with clothes. When I teach in clothes, I’m frequently adjusting how they’re resting on me, that pauses the flow of thought. I catch a glimpse of myself on my computer when teaching online classes, my eyes zoom in on the way my shirt hugs and makes my tummy look less engaged (and in my mind, less like I’m a professional.) When I teach a class sans-clothing I’m 100% in my element. Even when I see myself on the screen, I like what I see. (I often see myself in Gallery view and think, whoever that is is doing a really good job, they look great! And then recognize my living room and realize it’s me I’m talking about!) I’m so humble.

I’d say I’m a woman who loves herself, is consciously working towards body acceptance and could use a tribe of others to stay in the right groove. This is the surprise! The launch of our Body Acceptance Workshop has arrived! It’s been a few years in the making and it’s exciting that I’ll finally get to meet my first tribe. A gathering of women who are interested in taking the steps towards understanding why we think as we do and examining the layers that have been heaped on us over the years. I’ve been imagining these talks for a long time. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than helping people to accept and love themselves. Healing and moving forward as a group.

Who this workshop is for: women who love themselves but still feel the pressure to change aspects of themselves to be “right”, women who have started to ask themselves who they’re wearing a bra for anyway, women who know they want to break free from the mold, women who feel a stir of emotion when they see a meme about self-acceptance, but then scroll on. The workshop isn’t quite right for: men (Yet. I would like to know if men would feel comfortable with a female guide in such a vulnerable workshop.) Women who really struggle to like any aspect about themselves. (My heart goes out to you; I highly recommend one-to-one therapy. You are worthy.) Women who just want to bitch and not grow. Sometimes we have to get angry to move through some healing, but why dedicate your time and money if you’re not going to internalize and grow?

If this seems like something you’d like to attend, or someone you love comes to mind, please check out the Workshops tab.

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