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I Sport a Bit of Fluff

I directed and acted in a nude production of The Vagina Monologues a few years ago. There was a story entitled Hair that was all about preferring pubic hair, its importance, and her disdain for the shaven pubic region. I wanted to cut it from our version, knowing that the audience would be of mixed hairstyles and views, but learned we were not allowed creative license for editing. I was nervous about ruffling feathers with this bold piece. Our show became quite popular, and we were chosen to perform on The Bare Necessity cruise. If anyone was offended by the Hair piece, I never heard about it.  Maybe people in the audience enjoyed hearing that point of view. There rarely seems to be the right moment to ask why someone grooms themselves the way they do.

I’ve introduced many friends to naturism at Bare Oaks. All of my female friends call just before they leave the house to ask, “What do people mostly do about down there?” Meaning, are most people shaved or natural? They’ve made the harrowing decision to do this new thing with their friend, they didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. I respond that it’s mixed stylings and that whatever they’re currently sporting will be perfect. I’m yet to have a male friend ask me this, but women will 100% of the time.

I’ve experimented with different stylings over the years. I’ll admit that I feel awkward when somebody notices the change and points it out. Part of me feels it should be private, but it’s also out on display. I suppose it would be like wearing blue jewelry for the longest time, then changing to all orange jewels. People would notice.

I’ve asked new partners if they have a styling preference. Not that I’d automatically do whatever they prefer, because it’s my body and I must like it, but I’d take it into consideration. I’m under the impression that most women shave their pubic region due to fear of smell, and that they don’t want to gross out a suitor who might be interested in giving oral. But, people and preferences really are the spice of life that way. I’ve had a partner who loved pubic hair and scent. I remember him asking me how much hair there’d be if I didn’t shave it neatly into my triangle. I told him it would be almost to my bellybutton and across my thighs, I’m French. He begged me to let it grow, but that just didn’t suit me. I, myself, am not a fan of the landing strip, the thin line of hair in the middle. I find that it draws the eye to the area, and I feel annoyed to feel my eyes drawn. None the less, everyone is allowed to express themselves freely with their hairstyling and variety is what makes life interesting.

I’ve come to a place with mine that reminds me of something my Nan used to say to me when I was wearing a low-cut top or short shorts: Don’t give the whole show away, it’s nice to keep them guessing. I keep a soft, trimmed, triangle of fluff. I keep my yoni shrouded in mystery. I’d prefer it if people had no idea what was going on in that area. If possible, I’d love people to never think of it. The hair makes me feel safe, like a buffer.

I know Nan meant for me to keep my clothes on. She’s passed on now, and I like to think of my fluff as a little nod to her. Not giving the whole show away, naturist style.

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