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Ageing: The Best Thing Ever?

I had an inspiring conversation with some students. All present were 60+ and each were eagerly sharing about their upcoming events. Traveling, teaching, trying new activities, in general saying a big YES to life.

The following day I met a woman named Janie at an online networking event. Her passion is inspiring seniors to live full “juicy” lives. Our meeting felt destined. The powers that be were guiding my direction. I already had the desire to speak about ageing and the mentality that goes with it in one of my monthly talks. But I, of course, lack experience ageing beyond 38. I could only hypothesize and give observations. Basically, I felt that I’d be talking out my butt on a topic I’m just starting to consider.

I’ve decided to interview Janie for this month’s Body Acceptance talk. Details below.

I’ve wrestled with my thoughts around ageing. I’ve heard that “it sucks to get old”. I’ve seen the pill packs and puffers. Hear of all the hospital visits. My whole life I’ve considered it as a cautionary tale, not a sentence. Most of my family members have led a sedentary life. It’s the main reason I chose fitness for my career; I knew that movement had to be a priority. I also knew that I didn’t suit a sitting job that would require me to find motivation to exercise early in the morning or after work. Ideally my work would keep me moving.

As much as I try not to be, I can be judgmental about the ageing sedentary crowd who take pain medication and don’t move. But when I notice myself judging, I also wonder if I’ll be the same someday. If there’s something I don’t understand right now. Maybe my expectations are too high for seniors? Maybe others aren’t high enough? It is typically better to release expectations after all.

What about the sentence that begins with, “Well at our age…” followed by something negative. How true is it that age is just a number? What’s with the divide of people who believe that versus those who follow a certain story of slowing down and doing less? What created the popular mindset? Is it just reality? Or does the mindset create the reality?

I like to think about my life in chapters. It’s helpful to think of time ending and beginning. I’d like to think that when things are tough that it won’t last forever. Maybe readers 60+ are laughing/scoffing at my naivety right now. But I can’t help but think that preparing for it to “suck” doesn’t lead to my best chances for happiness.

If you’d like to hear me ask my naïve questions while Janie answers with her wisdom, join us Sunday, February 25th at 11amEST. It’s part of the free virtual Body Acceptance talks I do the last Sunday of each month. If you can’t make it live, look for it on my YouTube channel. Links on my site.

Juicy Ageless Living – Body Acceptance Talk


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